OSKA Silhouettes

Next to premium materials and a versatile colour palette, silhouettes are t h e OSKA trademark. They impart relaxed wearing comfort, guarantee a maximum of flexibility, and are distinguished by with their high-grade tailoring technique.

But first and foremost OSKA silhouettes are striking, individual and go against the grain of mainstream fashion. Probably the best known of all is the bulky, O-shaped OSKA silhouette, which has been used in the extravagant and incomparably unique voluminous trousers.

But what does the H-silhouette look like? What kinds of outfits comprise the box silhouette? Our styling guide will shed some light on this.

From A to V: An overview of OSKA silhouettes

The A-silhouette – feminine, figure-flattering, subtly elegant

The flattering and feminine A-silhouette appears in all lengths – from the short top to an ankle-length dress. Tops have fitted shoulders. Below the bust the design gains volume and ends in a flared or even swinging hemline. For beautiful layering effects, waist-length shirts, blouses, pullovers, and jackets need a long slender top as a companion.

From the waist down – almost – everything is allowed. Ideal combination partners are voluminous bulky trousers (see O-shaped silhouettes). For a sporty flair combine the A-shape with calf-length, slightly flared culottes. When the hemlines of A-shaped tops move down, narrow sometimes conically tapered trousers and straight-cut skirts with moderate width add subtle elegance to the look and turn it into eveningwear.

Dresses are feminine yet relaxed looking. The sleeveless version goes perfectly with long jackets made of high-grade knitwear as well as waist-length short jackets. Sophisticated materials frequently made of flowing, soft and seemingly weightless qualities give the silhouette casual swing.

The box-silhouette – casual, comfortable and urban

The straight, wide and boxy cut gives the typical OSKA look to tops in particular. Tops, T-shirts, pullovers, waistcoats and jackets stand for the diversity of expression in fashion.

Over cut shoulders are a typical stylistic feature and often the deciding factor for the box-silhouette’s emphasized casual and laid-back look. Sleeveless tops become more wearable with over cut shoulders as the upper arms remain covered.

The preferred materials used here are flowing and sensual. They ensure that tops – despite their generous width – fall casually, and play closely about the figure with a feminine, flattering flair. Short boxy jackets are a favourite theme in the box-silhouette; they are casually urban in interaction with fitted long pullovers, blouses or tops.

Pieces with a box-silhouette can often be worn regardless of size.

The Slim Silhouette - feminine, slim, self-confident

The Blazer is back! Introducing a new OSKA silhouette - the slim shape. Slim jackets accentuate the waist and are worn close to the figure. Airy tulle, combined with a waisted, short OSKA blazer, create a very feminine look, complete the style with a sporty track pant.

The slim shape works with almost all silhouettes. Combine a narrow waist at the top with a wide A or O silhouette at the bottom. Anything is possible.

The H-Silhouette – reduced, purist and variable

The H-silhouette shows many variations of urban femininity to its best advantage. For this reason, H-shapes with a moderate width are increasingly used in OSKA collections.

Tops, skirts and trousers with straight vertical lines are essential for the graphically emphasized and clearly structured look. The horizontal hemline is sometimes irregular and asymmetrical. High-grade materials are the main factor for ensuring a perfect and precise fall.

Hip-length or longer straight-cut tops, often with an Asian-style collar, lapels and/or button panel go very well with wide ankle-length Marlene Dietrich-inspired trousers, calf-length culottes, and narrow, subtly tapered trousers. Toned down bulky-voluminous variations (see O-silhouettes) also harmonize with short straight tops.

Dresses, extra-long shirts and pullovers, as well as coats and jackets, highlight the H-silhouette especially well and are a good match with narrow trousers. Belts draped at the hip change the H-silhouette variably and emphasize the figure.

The O-silhouette – expressive, authentic and individual

Round voluminous OSKA trousers are the most striking representative of the O-silhouette, which is just as casual as it is expressive. They are comfortable at the hips yet figure-fitting. At calf-height the gently rounded design shows the most width. Toward the ankle the silhouette tapers off and becomes narrow and close again.

Bulky trousers offer a maximum of wearing comfort and simultaneously make a statement of an individual and independent fashion sense. By now O-shaped skirts have also become an OSKA collection basic. Trousers and skirts are 7/8 length and end just above the ankle.

Layering – short round cut tops over narrow, longer tops complete the look. The O-silhouette in tops is formed by over cut shoulders and a more narrow, figure-fitting hemline. Rounded sleeve silhouettes also give the O-shape its specific contour. If the tops are thigh-length or longer, they harmonize with narrow conically tapered trousers.

Bulky coats and dresses – the new stars of the OSKA collection – stand for a maximum of wearing comfort. Their voluminous width is the result of sophisticated design techniques and high-grade tailoring. Round, irregular and asymmetrical seams offer additional attractive highlights.

The V-silhouette – casual, relaxed and variable

Elaborate shoulders, narrow hips: long and somewhat longer tops in the top, shirt, and pullover range shape the V-silhouette. Extremely over cut shoulders accentuate the shoulder line. The silhouette tapers off toward the hemline and becomes distinctly narrower. Wide conically shaped sleeves end in narrow cuffs.

Figure-fitting hemlines play about the hips at thigh level or below. If they are elastic, they can be draped around the hips however one likes and form a beautiful feminine silhouette. Tapered trousers complete the V-look.

Wide at the bust and hips, becoming more narrow at the legs: dresses also clearly show how casual, uncomplicated yet feminine the V-silhouette is when they have a fitting partner in trousers or tights.