Casual bags and sustainable woollen scarves: a must for every autumn and winter

Winter accessories from OSKA are urban, classic and individual. Our unique handbags, scarves, hats and ponchos made of soft wool combine quality and attention to detail.


We know: clothing is only as good as the materials it's made from. That's why we always focus on natural, high-quality materials. We only use carefully selected fabrics for our classic handbags, high-quality woollen scarves, elegant hats and more. Our natural handbags, for example, are made from genuine leather, which gives them durability, quality and versatility. This is how we design unique, timeless pieces for women with great fashion sense.

Unique winter accessories for confident looks

Be inspired by our feminine and classic pieces! From the soft wool scarf with wide horizontal stripes to the casual shoulder bag with a wax finish: create easy warm looks for cold winter days with our accessories. Or dare to make a grand entrance with a soft hat and a slightly oversized wool poncho. With OSKA, you’ll experience winter as a fashion event: always elegant, yet completely relaxed!

We stand for high-quality, as epitomised in our elegant handbags, made from 100% leather for a lasting impression. This makes them more durable – and, in the spirit of slow fashion, the leather patina only makes them more beautiful and unique from winter to winter. For our other accessories we only use the softest and most winter-friendly fabrics. For the wool scarf with an oversized fit, for example, we combine the finest wool with viscose blends and cashmere. The result? A standout, casual cosy favourite for the perfect winter look.

Wool shawls, ponchos and classic handbags by OSKA

Elegant colours. Fine fabrics. Outstanding patterns. This is OSKA. Our individual, timeless winter accessories stand for versatility and make you the centre of attention, in an authentic, feminine and elegant way. High-quality bags and scarves made from sustainable design ideas are a must for your winter look. The casual yet classic handbags complement every urban outfit perfectly. The stunning patterns and colourful print of our wool scarves and hats brighten up the colder months and spice up every wardrobe. Browse our collections to find your personal go-to piece for every occasion. How about a minimalistic bag and a wool jacket for your next city trip? Or one of our soft wool scarves with viscose, combined with a laid-back sweater for cosy walks through wintry landscapes? And a poncho is always an excellent choice for autumn and winter, whether for the restaurant, cinema or snuggling up on the couch with a nice cup of tea. Our unique accessories let you create unmistakable, self-confident outfits that you’ll be able to enjoy every year. With OSKA.